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Newly build Tourist Office in Tanguieta

Tanguiéta is about 630 km from Cotonou, or a 10 hours drive from the capital. 450 km from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, or 5 hours on the road. The Pendjari National Park main entrance you reach after a 1 hour drive over a dirt road from Tanguieta to Batia (45 km). The second entrance is near the Burkina Faso border in Porga (60 km from Tanguieta).


Although the Pendjari National Park is still the main attraction of the Atacora region, Tanguiéta is even more than only the National Park. From Tanguieta you can take off to explore the Atacora mountains, discover the land of the Tatas - from the Betammaribe-people, follow the footsteps of Kaba or discover the Peuhl-camps. Consult the Travelguides to Benin.

To curious what you can expect to see or to meet in the Pendjari Biosphere? Click on the Cheetah and he will let you discover the splendid nature of the Pendjari.

The small town of Tanguieta offers you a variety of accomodations, in town, at the park border and within the Park itself. We also thought about those who want spend some time in a local village or who prefer camping.

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